Fearless Reloaded Conference

  Fearless Reloaded The Fearless Reloaded conference was an awesome and engaging experience. The 3-day conference consisted of a series of panels and networking opportunities. The conference presented many opportunities to engage with Black-Women owned businesses. Day 1 – Cocktail Reception The cocktail reception was an awesome kick-off to the conference to engage with panelist... Continue Reading →


On December 17, 2016, I turned 30 years old. I have never felt so fulfilled in all of my life. I am a woman who experienced pain, embarrassment, love, loss, death, life, excitement, and accomplishment in my 20's. I'm excited to close the door to the 20th chapter of my life, and open the door... Continue Reading →

When Your Dreams Become Your Reality!

Have you ever created a vision for yourself, worked your ass off, had doors close, felt defeated, picked yourself up, and relentlessly continued to pursue what you wanted, and then wallah a BREAKTHROUGH! You look around and you have the opportunity of a lifetime? WELLLLLL.... Let me tell you about my current situation. 2 years... Continue Reading →

Quote of The Week!

Affirmation: "I have decided to trust love. I am whole, healed, and free from everything in my past. I will trust, believe, and grow through every experience. Gods got me." -Rob Hill Sr. 

No Discounts in 2016

Often times with relationships, all relationships including friendships, romantic relationships, and relationships with family, we let other people treat us in a manner that doesn’t make us feel good. We allow them to lie to us (discount), make fools of us (discount), and not be people of their word (discount). When we allow people to... Continue Reading →

The Power of Excellence!

The Power of Excellence Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending #AACHAC's Women's Health Conference! Can I tell you, it was one of my favorite moments of 2015! It started with a great energizing welcome, which led to a series of workshops! I attended a cooking workshop and a financial literacy workshop! In between... Continue Reading →

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